Why Marketing Dental Implants Can Improve Your Dental Practice’s ROI.
Written by Danilo Quintana on Jan. 24th 2020
Whether you founded or work for a dental practice, one key factor that can contribute to your practice’s success is marketing. For as much as we may want to focus on our actual work, we can’t ignore the fact that dentistry is a business. Without ensuring that we have a steady flow of recurring and new patients, we are putting our practices at risk for future financial turbulence (perhaps even liquidation).
In terms of marketing certain products or procedures for our dental practices, one extremely promising strategy involves marketing dental implants. Clearly, dental implants can be an attractive option for health and aesthetic reasons. While this is at the top of mind, marketing dental implants can also be a terrific way to improve your dental practice’s return on investment (“ROI”). And by increasing your practice’s ROI, you are able to relieve some of the financial pressure that comes with owning or working for a smaller dental practice.

Why This Can Be An Attractive Opportunity

Looking at the numbers, you can see why this is an attractive option to increase your practice’s ROI. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, three million people in the United States have dental implants. This number increases by 500,000 every year. In the U.S. alone, there are also $6.4 billion in estimated revenues for dental implants and prosthetics. The total addressable market, so to speak, is large and consistent. Dental implants present a great opportunity for your patients to live more confident lives.

Along with a consistent addressable market, dental implants can be attractive because of their underlying economics. The words “can be” are important here. As with any dental procedure, you will need to account for overhead, which can include materials, lab bills, and the time of any dental assistants. If your procedure cost is around 20 to 30 percent (or even lower), dental implant procedures can be a source of profits for your practice. If you are not able to control costs, however, you will have to think hard about whether you want to use dental implants as a key source of ROI.

Ultimately, it helps to wear a different hat here. Take the time to analyze the market opportunity and your internal costs. In most cases, you will find that actively marketing dental implants makes sense for your practice.

Practical Steps on Marketing Dental Implants

With this value proposition in mind, it is useful to review some important tips and tricks to successfully market dental implants to your patients. While this is not an exclusive list, these best practices can significantly improve your odds when making your pitch.

First, ensure that you are being strategic when pitching dental implants. One of the least productive things you can do is indiscriminately sell dental implants to many of your patients. Your patients are smart and will undoubtedly recognize that they are being sold a treatment that they may not necessarily need. Instead of risking future relationships with your patients, only pitch those patients who in your estimation are great candidates for dental implants.

Along with being strategic, it is also important to be patient. Most patients aren’t going to say yes on the first pitch. They will want to think about it—both in terms of the procedure itself and how it will affect their wallets. Just because a patient says “I need to think about it” doesn’t mean that they are putting up a permanent objection. Instead, follow-up at a later date.

Finally, don’t be afraid to host seminars. Seminars can be a great way to not only find candidates for dental implants, but to show off your knowledge and expertise. You can share a wealth of information about the procedure, its benefits, and why attendees should consider the procedure. While it does take time to prepare and speak at these seminars, they can lead to many future patients.

Get Started Today

Ultimately, focusing your marketing efforts on dental implants can be a great way to improve your practice’s ROI. Before doing so, however, ensure that the opportunity makes sense for your practice. Study the practical steps above and target patients who would most benefit from the procedure. By doing this, you will not only improve your practice’s ROI, but improve the lives of your patients.

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